WEDNESDAY 24. JULY at 7.30 pm

Nils Økland
Violin and Hardanger fiddles

Sigbjørn Apeland
Harmonium, organ and piano

Not only a great master of the Hardanger Fiddle (Norway’s national instrument), but also a true interpreter of Norwegian folk music! Nils Økland takes you on an exciting musical journey, together with his partner Sigbjørn Apeland, a brilliant performer on several instruments. Both musicians having a classical education, their ability to build bridges to the roots of the folk music is obvious, letting you see how and from where Grieg found his inspiration.

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Norwegian songs - Traditional and Classical melodies in new Versions
Norwegian songs. Traditional and Classical melodies in new Versions ...During the 19th century, the collecting of traditional folk songs was an important part of the national romantic movement, and the purpose of this activity was to provide composers with material that could serve as a point of departure for a new national art music. The collector, composer and organist Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (1812-1887) published the collection “Ældre og nyere norske Fjeldmelodier. Samlede og bearbeidede for Pianoforte” [Old and new Norwegian Mountain Melodies. Collected and arranged for the Piano] in three volumes. Melodies from Lindeman’s collections were also included in the popular collections Norges melodier (1875), which contained a mix of folk songs and popular contemporary compositions – everything arranged by Edvard Grieg.

Almost 150 years later, these melodies still seem fresh, and they are an inspiring departure for new interpretations. Økland and Apeland are classically educated musicians, who have also studied traditional forms of folk music performance as well as popular and improvised/experimental music.

This will be the first performance of a selection of melodies from the Norwegian canonical folk song repertoire in Økland and Apeland’s own, partly improvised, arrangements.

Nils Økland (1961) is a renowned master of Norway’s national instrument, the Hardanger fiddle. However, his musical outlook is far wider than just traditional music, and his contributions are diverse. Both as an instrumentalist and as a composer he interlaces elements of classical and contemporary music, as well as jazz, with traditional Norwegian expressions, finding common traits and not least common expressive mindsets across genres and time periods. Økland belongs to the category of musicians who have come to represent an individual sound and a musical sensibility that is completely their own.

Sigbjørn Apeland (1966) is a classically educated organist, but also an ethnomusicologist, and holds a position as associate professor at the Grieg Academy at the University of Bergen. He collaborates with musicians within a wide range of genres, especially church music, Norwegian folk music and improvised music. Apeland is one of the few musicians who frequently plays the harmonium on professional occasions. As an academic, Apeland has been teaching, supervising and writing within the fields of musicology, cultural studies, church music and theology. He has also extensive experience as a collector of Norwegian traditional music.

Together, Økland and Apeland have recorded the album “Lysøen. Hommage à Ole Bull”, and 5 albums with the trio 1982 (which includes drummer Øyvind Skarbø). Apeland also contributes on several of Økland’s solo albums, includig “Lysning”, which won the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannsprisen) in 2018. They have also collaborated with leading folk singers, such as Sondre Bratland, Berit Opheim and Åsne Valland Nordli. Together, they have performed in Japan, USA, Lebanon and most European countries.

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Nils Økland
Sigbjørn Apeland

Wednesday 24th of July
at 7.30 pm

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